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This premium fly floatant is one of the world's best. Aquel is long lasting, silicone based, and won't melt when it's hot or harden when it's cold. Simply work Aquel into the body and hackle of your fly and watch it float like a cork. When a spray, powder, or gel just won't cut it Payette Paste comes to the rescue. Its thicker consistency stays put on leader, tippet, indicators, and flies. When applied, it gives a hackle and leaders a silky-smooth, water-resistant coating.
As the WORLD'S FIRST and ONLY water based spray floatant, Fly Spritz 2 is the fastest way to get a floatant on a dry fly. Simply spray your fly and either wait or false cast to dry and then fish on.
This desiccant and powder formula is fast and easy to use. Simply place soaked flies with leaders attached into the container and shake. Out comes your dried fly coated in a floatant powder, all in one easy step.