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Owner Mosquito Hooks
Our Price: $2.29
Fast becoming the favorite when using the drop shot system for bass, walleye, and panfish.  For light line use, it is self setting and the perfect hook for windy conditions or turbulent water where it is difficult to keep a tight line. Ideal for rigging small live baits, nose-hooking soft plastics, and for "wacky wormin." Features include a fine wire forged shank with offset Super Needle point. Wide gap, Opti-Angle Needle Point, Chemically sharpened, turned up eye, black nickel. A great value for the price.  Ideal for anything from nightcrawlers and minnows for walleye and panfish to crabs, shrimp, and blood worms for surf and bay fishing.  Up eye, forged shank, and reversed-bend point.
Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks
Our Price: $3.29
Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, fine wire, turned up tapered eye, red. Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks are some of the most versatile and strongest hooks on the market. Gamakatsu's Octopus Hooks feature short-shank, upturned eye, offset bend and extremely sharp points for quick penetration. Forged for strength and durability. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, Z-shaped offset secures plastic, extra wide bend.
Lazy Larry's EZ Hooks
Our Price: $3.99
Owner SSW Cutting Point
Our Price: $4.29
Lazy Larrys new EZ hooks work great along with Lazy Larrys Beads made in the USA, 25 hooks per package. An ideal hook for steelhead fishing in streams, rigging cut herring and trolling, or mooching for salmon in saltwater.  Also excellent for baiting walleye, bass, tarpon, and other inshore species.  Up eye, forged shank, and reversed-bend point. Blackbird Sabretooth Premium Hooks by Redwing Tackle are the hooks of choice for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout anglers around the world. These chemically sharpened are manufactured from the finest quality high carbon steel, producing unparalleled strength. These hooks are great for use with egg sacs and skein.
Mustad 92625 Beak Hooks
Our Price: $8.79
Forged, 1X strong, extra long point, reversed point, turned up tapered eye, red finish. Forged, special long shank, reversed point, turned down small ball eye, bronze. Forged, reversed point, 2 slices in shank, turned down small ball eye, bronze.
Mustad 92141 Beak Hooks
Our Price: $14.99
Forged, 2X strong, 1X short, turned up tapered eye, 1 slice in shank, reverse point, bronze. Wide gap, point in, reversed point, ringed, 2X strong, bronze. Mustad’s unique tempering process ensures even strength and high quality. Before being tempered the hooks are forged, which in this context means that the hook wire is a bit compressed. By doing this, the strength of the hook is increased by over 30%. Forged, 1X strong, 1X short, reversed point, turned up tapered eye, bronze.
Mustad 92677 Beak Hooks
Our Price: $14.99
Beak, forged, short shank, small ring, bronze. This is a great strong hook for egg or worm fishing.