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Excellent baits for steelhead when suspended below a float or added to a jig. 10 per package. Replicates trout-attracting features of small worms and other forage. A lively action gives this bait a lifelike presentation.  Extremely popular for fishing under the float for winter steelhead and trout.
Bubble Gum Steelheads Worms. Impregnated/scented with special formulated Atlas Mikes shrimp oil. They are made of soft & supple yet durable plastic. For Rigging, Drift fishing, thread these worms using the available Steelhead Worm rigging kit with detailed instructions.
This amazing bait attracts trout like none other. It looks, tastes, and feels just like small worms and other natural trout forage. Combines the Gulp! scent and flavor formula with a unique fluttering action that fish attack. Excellent for fishing under a float or tipping a jig.