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Braid Chenille Flash
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Midge Sparkle Braid Spooled
Wool Yarn
Our Price: $1.39
Ultra Chenille
Our Price: $1.49
100% Real wool yarn . Approximately 20 ft. per package. Ultra Chenille for fly tying is an excellent choice for situations where larger diameter chenille is just too bulky. Approx. 15' / package. A midge sized version of our popular sparkle braid. A multitude of uses such as midges, nymphs, caddis pupae, and even small streamers.
Mini Sparkle Braid Spooled
Sparkle Yarn by Wapsi
Our Price: $1.59
A smaller version of the popular sparkle braid, this material makes easy, bright bodies and is great for ribbing.

Easily separated into three strands, Aunt Lydia's Sparkle Yarn is a naturally tri-lobal rug yarn that's great for making emergent caddis patterns, crab bodies, and so much more!

A necessity in so many flies.It produces a brushlike appearance when wrapped on a shank of a hook. Good foundation for ribbing material or palmered hackle.

Antron Yard By Wapsi
Our Price: $1.79
A popular material for spinner wings, parachutes, grasshopper bodies, and poly duns. Also a key ingredient of the popular Salmon River Flea. Approx. 15' / package.
Multi-trilobal filaments in a single strand yarn with bright highlights.  Ideal for parachutes, overbodies, legs, tails, and trailing shucks. Similar to Z-lon.

Danville's original flourescent nylon chenille is denser than rayon. A velvety chenille with a nylon core. Approx 5 yd. (15')

Wooly Bugger Chenille
Our Price: $1.99
Variegated Chenille
Our Price: $1.99
This Spandex Material is oval in shape and wiggles like crazy in the water when tied in as legs. This can also be used as a floss for bodies on Dry Flies and Nymphs. The densest antron chenille available with pearl mylar tinsel mixed in for just the right amount of flash. This is the best we have found for tying woolies. No bugger should be without it. length 10'. A special two blend solid colored chenille, ties many popular patterns such as bees, worms, wool worms, and brindle bugs can be tied with this chenille.
Buggy Nymph Yarn
Our Price: $1.99
Sparkle Braid
Our Price: $1.99
Outstanding colors!  This fine diameter bi-colored yarn is great for wrapping large nymph bodies for a dubbed appearance. Approx. 25' / package. Sparkle Chenille has a tinsel core. Dansville Original Chenille
Several strands of mylar knitted into a cordlike material. The main ingredient for muddlers and many saltwater patterns. Approx. 15' / package.
Leech Yarn by Wapsi
Our Price: $1.99
Angora Rabbit Yarn
Our Price: $1.99
Uni Glo Yarn
Our Price: $1.99
Long angora hair twisted into a yarn. These long, breathable fibers are best used for streamers and hairy nymph bodies. Approx. 15' / package.
Angora Rabbit Yarn is the perfect material for sucker spawn flies, soft and fuzzy yarn has multiple uses.
Craft Fur
Our Price: $2.29
Popular for saltwater crab and shrimp bonefish flies. Synthetic hair with underfur. See SLF Hanks for another type of synthetic hair.
The best choice for tying glo bugs and other egg imitations. All our our egg yarn has strong UV enhancements....and fish love attacking egg patterns made with it. It is a soft yarn and is easy to stack, or spin. On line there are a lot of videos to show you a number of ways to use this yarn.
Angora is a special breed of rabbit and its hair is soft and supple, It makes some of the most beautiful egg patterns when tied in egg spawn style like a sucker spawn.
Wing N' Flash
Our Price: $2.79
#2 Chenille loaded with metallic tinsel. Try this flashy version of chenille for the bodies of streamers, saltwater flies, bass, salmon, and steelhead patterns. c
Variegated Tinsel Chenille contains alternating bands of Danville’s original chenille and tinsel chenille. The color combinations are awesome. Approximately 15' / pkg.
Super fine shreds of flashabou in hank form to create a wing that is super soft and super light with super flash. 8" to 10" long
Ice Chenille
Our Price: $2.99
Pearl Chenille
Our Price: $2.99
A translucent chenille. Approx. 10' per package. Strong, dense chenille made of pearl mylar.  Very similar to estaz. Aprox. 10' per package. This is a very popular body material, particularly for Crappie Jigs. All colors are a made from a highly reflective metallic Mylar material cut and twisted for chenille-type bodies.
Fire Fly by Wapsi
Our Price: $3.49
This Danville chenille is made of a flashabou-like material. 13 different colors, two sizes. A pearlescent one-sided chenille that can be palmered for tails and collars on streamers. Uniquely crimped surface catches and reflects light.