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Redington’s tried and true Crosswater Waders are designed with 100% nylon 3-layer fabric and high density neoprene booties designed to keep you dry and warm on your cooler fishing adventures. The Palix River Wader is definitely a cut above in Redington waders. A feature rich, dependable and durable ally on the water, the Palix River Wader is 100% nylon and features high density neoprene booties and fleece lined hand warmer pockets to keep you warm and dry. Redington's Premier Stocking Foot Fishing Waders, with Sonic-Pro technology, offers tons of features that anglers need while on the water.
Waders have one job: Keep water out. The Sonic-Pro Zip Front Waders do just that. No stitching, no holes and a fully waterproof RiRi® zipper, even when the water is lapping at your waist. Easy in and easy out. These waders do their job, they keep the water out...And the convenient and durable zip front wader makes getting in and out, and "doing your business" easier than ever.