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Hi Guys n Gals!

Rick's Fishing Report

Captain Rick Pecci
The "Dreams Come True" Charters And Guide Service



It's now the beginning of August, and the lake fishing is still on fire! Kings up to 36lbs. have been taken already, and the most bites of fish, and numbers as our last record season of 2012 and we have a long way to go. There also is Salmon in Oswego Harbor already and the Salmon River! And that's the earliest I have ever heard of. (see reports below)

Brown Trout

You can catch all the Brown Trout you want from 70 to 120 foot of water from the Cat Fish Creek, High Rocks area by the 9 mile nuke plant and West. Spoons are the top bait. Fish your riggers closer to the bottom 30 feet or so. 2.3 to 2.8 on your down speed. Small spoons like scorpions and stinger size Stinger spoons have been productive but don't forget to throw in a few stingray size as well. Green is the color of choice.

he Kings are just crazy right now biting all kinds of baits. Spoons, Flasher/Fly's and Cut Bait is all you need to put Kings in the boat. Many colors and patterns have been producing like Stinger Brand spoons in NBK, Gator, Frostbite, Green Die Hard and Glow Green Alewive umong others in the Stingray and Magnum sizes. You can also ask what the hottest colors are as of late at the store. A-Tom-MiK Trolling fly's especially the all new Stud fly is a must have out there right now along with Sweet Pea and the Pro Am fly. Total Chaos Fly's in any of the see through green patterns have been hot also Like Nuclear Orgasm, Dream Team and Sting A King.
Spin Dr.'s, Pro-Trolls and Pro King flashers have all been taking fish in many colors. Pig pen 1, Chartreuse and UV blades has been good in high sun but green edge chrome blades or green and white regular flashers with the waffle silver backs are all taking fish.

Cut bait has also been super hot in many combinations and colors.12" green and white Pro-Trolls and fish shaped Pro-Trolls and 11" Kingfisher blades and Big Weenies in various colors have been outstanding. Teaser rigs in the same colors in glow will do the trick. Meat rigs in all colors and configurations have been producing. Herring strips or even Alewive strips have been most effective. We also have a good selection of the all new Shark Flashers in stock!! But hurry our fully stocked selection will not lsat the season. Most manufactures are already out of products so buy fast and deep!!

120 feet by the dunes to as deep as 600 feet of water off Oswego seems to be the targeted zone for now.
Some fish are finally staging in front of the Salmon River and up past the Dunes. 100 to 250' seems to have fish scattered through it. 80 to 160' down on the riggers.
Speed varies upon current and direction but 2.3 to 2.5 has been good. Dipsy Divers 30# wire on a 2 setting out from 200 to 350 feet out and Mag Divers out the same have all taken fish depending on location and the column of water your working. All launches are now reopen and the water has came down quite a bit as of late. Some of the best fishing I have seen since the 2012 record season. good luck and "Tight Lines"

It is Official!!
Last week we have heard of a local young man catching a few Salmon in the Baseball Pool. (fact)
Now we have even more news that there are fish running through the Douglaston Run. (fact) An angler a day or so ago had landed several fresh Chinook Salmon and had more on. He also seen many others go by him in a hurry. And now we are hearing about daily movement of fish through the lower end. not any big pushes but they are trickling in!
Most likely due to the high water releases from rain and cool nights. Not uncommon but not the norm to see fish this early in the season running. Typically all they need is water and good temps, and they have both of those right now.
with more rain and cooler nights in the forecast I am betting on a bigger push of Kings sometime this week. The fish that are moving in are most likely our natural spawn fish and typically run the west coast in July and August anyway so it's not very uncommon. The Lake is full of Kings and Coho this season so look for a banner run, and if we get our normal fall rains look out Huge runs may occur. We already have an abundance of water so any rain will get these fish moving early so book now!! More and more fish are trickling in every day! So its on, on the river to. Multiple hook ups every morning now. And rain on the way for the weekend!! WOOOOOOOO GET HERE FISH ONNNN!!!

Creek Fishing
No reports yet.

Some Salmon reported jumping in the harbour.
And now some are being taken off the walls to the dam. More coming in daily.

ROD, ROD, ROD, WERE HOOKED UP.............
(Sound of reel screaming)