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By: Captain Rick Pecci
The "Dreams Come True" Charters And Guide Service


General Information

With a large group of professional and amature anglers alike we can provide you with the latest and greatest detailed information that could help you catch more fish. So come and visit us often for the latest information all season long.

Brown Trout

New Lake report in the spring.


New Report will start around June.



River Fishing for Steelhead is still very good. The weather has been back and forth, cold and mild and is making for some great fishing. Water levels are holding up and there are many fish still to come. Most of the river is wide open at the time of me writing this report you can target the whole river. Baits of choice: egg sacks, flys, beads and pink Trout worms all have been taking fish. Fish lighter lines and slow your presentation's speed down to produce more bites. Also size your fly's down and use more natural presentations like nymphs etc. to entice the wary Steelhead. Try various colors until you start hooking up fish.

Creek Fishing

Some fish are reported in the Sandy's but watch the water level.

Browns and Steelhead are all the way up to the dam.
More Steelhead than Brown Trout are being taken every day. Lots of fish at the dam. Egg sacks have been the best baits and some single beads and jigs under floats are also taking both species. Plugs and skein are working to.

ROD, ROD, ROD, WERE HOOKED UP.............
(Sound of reel screaming)