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By: Captain Rick Pecci
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General Information
With a large group of professional and amature anglers alike on call we can provide you with the latest and greatest detailed information that could help you catch more fish. So come and visit us often for the latest information all season long.

Lake Brown Trout Fishing

Lake report as of 5/07/18. Brown Trout fishing is off the chain hot!!
Trout are being taken from 2 to 12 lbs. Stick baits and stinger size spoons in 10 to 30 feet of water and where you can find any color will produce fish. Troll slower as the water is still ice cold. 45 to 47 degrees. Natural colors in the clear water and bright colors in the muddy water. Gold and Copper have also been good.

Guys that are fishing form the shore or off the Selkirk State Park pier for Browns are doing very well casting Little Cleo spoons in blue/silver, green/silver, Perch, orange/silver chart,/silver and many more. Also Luhr-Jensen Crocodile spoons are very hot in many colors. Early mornings have been best.

Lake Salmon Fishing

First week in May and the Kings are here in and in BIG numbers. Very easy to get a limit. Spoons and stick baits trolled in 30 to 70 feet and even out to 100. Some of the best fishing I have seen in 34 years this early. Stinger Spoons and Dream Weaver Super Slims are working good. Greens and blues are good in the sun and glow greens during cloudy conditions.

River Steelhead Fishing

5/07/18 River Fishing for Steelhead is still very good to exceptional. The weather has been back and forth, cold and mild and is making for some great fishing. Water levels are running Around 1,500 at light house hill (1980) in Pineville and there are many fish still around. Some spawned out fish are being taken on their way back and some nice fresh chrome fish to. You can target the whole river but look for the high water areas.
As these fish work their way out of the hatchery and the smaller spawning brooks the fishing will only get better as they work their way back down to the lake for anther few weeks.

Baits of choice: egg sacks in white, pink or chartreuse. Flies like wooly buggers, egg sucking leaches, stone flys or egg patterns. Beads in size 10mm and color pink, orange, glo roe, and chartreuse are some top colors. Pink Berkley Trout worms, pink and white marabou jigs and and small nightcrawlers all have been taking fish.

Fly fishing, center pin, float and even bottom bouncing are all in play right now. Fish lighter lines and slow your presentation's speed down to produce more bites. Also size your fly's down and use more natural presentations like nymphs etc. to entice the wary Steelhead. Try various colors until you start hooking up fish.

Creek Fishing

Some very nice fish are being reported in the creeks. Orwell and Trout Brook but watch for the water levels. These fish are loading in to spawn but wont last long if the water levels get to low.

Browns and Steelhead are all the way up to the dam on the Oswego.
More Steelhead than Brown Trout are being taken every day. Lots of fish at the dam. Egg sacks have been the best baits and some single beads and jigs under floats are also taking both species. Plugs are working to.

Oneida Lake Walleye
Walleye fishing has been great on Oneida Lake with many fish being taken. Oswego and Henderson Harbors are also fishing well for Walleye. Day and night fishing.

ROD, ROD, ROD, WERE HOOKED UP.............
(Sound of reel screaming)