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By: Captain Rick Pecci
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With a large group of professional and amature anglers alike on call, we can provide you with the latest and greatest detailed information that could help you catch more fish. So come and visit us often for the latest information all season long.

Lake Brown Trout Fishing
Lake Report As Of 4/01/19

Lake Salmon Fishing
Lake Report As Of 6/01/2019

River Salmon Fishing
River Report As Of 8/01/2019

River Steelhead Fishing
River Report As Of 1/15/2018
Salmon River Fishing Report:
River flow is at 750 CFS and a scheduled drop for the mid week to about 350. Water Temps are steady at a whopping 34 degrees but will fluctuate with the air temps and lower water.
Fresh fish have entered the lower to mid river with this last push of high water to really fortify our river numbers of Steelhead.
Some fish in the mid teens are in that push of fish and should make for some epic winter fishing like the old days. Seems like a very healthy mix of sizes and colors of fish are now throughout the whole river.
Fish from 4 to19lbs. have been taken already this season.
Float fishing, centerpin, bottom bouncing and fly fishing have all produced bites and fish and all are productive at all different times. With the very cold temps now upon us and more snow on the way the fish will now settle in in the upper reaches of the river. But look for spiratick fish though the river during a thaw.
Center Pin, Float And Bottom Bouncers guys are doing well on Egg Sacks of many different colors on any given day. With Blue still number one followed by pink, yellow, white and chartreuse among others like purple, peach and salmon egg color sacks. Beads and even crappie style jigs have been heating up as of late.
Beads in colors like gloe roe, chartreuse uv, atomic yellow and steelhead snot. Jig colors are as follows Pink head white body, black head white body and white with a pink body.
Even the pink Berkley Trout Worms and Night Crawlers are taking bites.
Fly colors and patterns for the fly fisherman have been as of late sucker spawn in peach and salmon egg patterns size 10 to 12's stone flys in black and copper size 10's and 8's and single egg patterns in a plethora of colors and various sizes. Keys to these flies success is dead drifting them under a fly float or bottom fishing them with a couple of split shot.
Speed of your drift is key. Go with the current speed or a bit slower. Change your patters often and work the productive water in a grid like fashion to cover as much water as possible.
If your still not having success move on to a fresh location.

Creek Fishing
Creek Report As Of 10/01/2019

Oswego River Fishing
River Report As Of 12/10/2018
Water is at 17,300 and 36 degrees.
tough fishing!

Oneida Lake Walleye Fishing
Lake Report As Of 5/01/2019

ROD, ROD, ROD, WERE HOOKED UP.............
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