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C.P. Swing Spinning Lures C.P. Swing Spinning Lures

The genuine C.P. Swing "The Swinger" spinning lures are made in the U.S.A. and are ideal for freshwater gamefish such as pickerel, walleye, pike, bass, trout, and more!

Our Price: $5.29
Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rouge Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rouge

Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogue lures feature a loud internal rattle system. The rolling, side to side motion mimics a wounded baitfish attracting gamefish and promoting vicious strikes.

Our Price: $6.99
Rapala Husky Jerk Lures Rapala Husky Jerk Lures

Rapala Husky Jerks are one of the most affordable and popular suspending jerkbaits on the market. The suspending bodies are neutrally buoyant, giving the lures a hovering appearance in the water column during pauses in the retrieve. If you're looking for a great lure design and a trusted fish catcher, then get the Rapala Husky Jerk.

Our Price: $7.99
Yozuri Pin's Minnow Floating Yozuri Pin's Minnow Floating

The Yo-Zuri Pin’s Minnow is widely known for its success in lakes, streams and rivers. It incorporates a durable ABS Resin lip to get down over the structure and in the strike zone. Use this lure when fish are up feeding in the shallows in the spring and fall, morning or evening. Made with the patented Yo-Zuri Weight Transfer System, these little gems can cast very well for their size. They are perfectly suited for all species.

  • State of the art holographic foil finish
  • Weight transfer system (2-3/4", 3-1/2")
  • Stainless steel split rings
  • Extremely sharp trebles for quick penetration
  • Great multispecies bait for fresh and saltwater

Our Price: $7.99
Yozuri Crystal Minnow Premium Classic Series Yozuri Crystal Minnow Premium Classic Series

Yo-Zuri’s Crystal Minnow Premium Classic Lures have just gotten better for freshwater!! Ten colors to attract all the predator fish! Five Real colors, mimicking the most popular styles of baitfish, as well as five go to colors for stained water!!

All Crystal Minnow Freshwater lures have Yo-Zuri’s traditionally distinctive “flat-sides” and features highly detailed bodies with ground breaking Prism Finishes that light up in even the murkiest water conditions. An injured baitfish will swim erratically, sending out flashes of reflected light from its broadside of scales. These flashes, along with the flat-sided erratic swimming action of the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Freshwater lures, perfectly mimic’s the frightened baitfish that prized game fish seek out and hunt. The natural patterns and colors, combined with the lifelike body shapes and attention to detail on the gill plates, create a strikingly realistic looking injured baitfish!!

All Crystal Minnow Freshwater lures have premium components: Japanese Black Nickel Split Rings and Treble Hooks, and realistic oversized holographic 3D eyes. Two-piece, molded body and bill make this one of the toughest and true running minnows on the market! Yo-Zuri’s lasting commitment to innovation, diversity and quality has enabled us to continually develop and market the most advanced fish-catching products available around the globe!!!

Our Price: $8.99
Yozuri Crystal 3D Minnow Floating Yozuri Crystal 3D Minnow Floating

Crystal 3D Minnow’s patented and proprietary Internal 3D Prism Finish reflects all subsurface light, even in the murkiest water. There are several traditionally successful methods for fishing this well-known bait, including a retrieve & pause, slow to moderate retrieve, or a twitch-pause-retrieve fashion. The erratic side-to-side swimming action and brilliant Internal 3D Prism flash attracts all types of gamefish. This series now includes some of Yo-Zuri’s most popular selling fresh and saltwater colors.

Our Price: $9.99
Rapala Tail Dancer Rapala Tail Dancer

Rapala Deep Tail Dancers feature enlarged, extreme diving lips that plummet the lure as deep as 30 feet. The deep diving banana style body swims with a pronounced wide tail action, yet still maintains Rapala's signature wounded minnow attraction. Deep Tail Dancers are built with a balsa wood construction, an internal rattle system and premium black nickel VMC treble hooks. These lures get down deep where the big fish lurk in the summer and early fall months. Rapala Deep Tail Dancer are hand tuned and tank tested, running true right out of the box like all Rapala lures.

Our Price: $11.99
Frogg Togg Cascades Youth Fly Vest Frogg Togg Cascades Youth Fly Vest

Cascades Youth Fly Vest

Our Price: $12.99
Frogg Toggs Cascades Classic50 Vest Frogg Toggs Cascades Classic50 Vest

  • Waterproof & Breathable, Classic 50 frogg toggs non-woven material
  • Full zipped and snap front closure for secure fit
  • 18 Pocket storage with 4 zipped expandable pockets and 5 inside security pockets
  • Accessory "D" rings on the chest and back
  • Lightweight, washable and packable

Our Price: $19.95
Okuma Aria Spin Reel Okuma Aria Spin Reel

Okuma Aria spinning reels stand out with a simple style through the color scheme of black and white and the latest Okuma body design. The reel equips with CFR (cyclonic Flow Rotor Technology), precision machine cut brass pinion gear, LCS line control spool that makes casting smoother, stainless steel bail wire. Aria is a reel for general purpose and a good choice to start fishing with.

Our Price: $19.99
Assorted Tackle Packs Assorted Tackle Packs

We have five assorted Tackle Packs to choose from. Price from $19.99 - $79.99

Our Price: $19.99
Okuma Alaris Spin Reel Okuma Alaris Spin Reel

The Okuma Alaris spinning reels feature Okuma's latest body desing, technology and strength. Alaris not only focus on functions but also the appearance. This reel comes equipped with 3BB+1RB stainless steel bearings, Cyclonic Flow Rotor Technoloty,

Our Price: $29.99
Okuma IGNITEa Spin Reel 5BB Okuma IGNITEa Spin Reel 5BB

Okuma IGNITEa Spinning Reel's feature a stunning body design with a smooth running 4+1 bearing drive system. The two-tone anodized, machined aluminum spool sports increased line capacities. Equipped with an S-curve oscillation system ensuring the line lays smooth on the spool, while the computer-balanced rotor makes for a smooth operation at all speeds. Liquid smooth Japanese oiled felt drag washers create a smooth constant drag. This reel has features found on reels that cost several times more.

Our Price: $34.99
Lews Lazer Speed Spin G Reel Lews Lazer Speed Spin G Reel

Lews Lazer Speed Spin G Reel delivers quality performance every time. Featuring a graphite body with a super smooth eight bearing system, its double anodized skeletal knurled aluminum spool and the durable balanced thick aluminum bail deliver reliable functioning and control, With speed Lube for exceptional smoothness and uninterrupted performance making this reel great to use in all weather conditions from freezing cold to extreme heat.

Our Price: $39.99
Frogg Togg Hellbender Pack Vest Frogg Togg Hellbender Pack Vest

Frogg Toggs Hellbender Pack Vest is made especially for outdoor enthusiasts who don't let the weather slow them down. With a total of 26 pockets there is plenty of storage for all of your gear.

Our Price: $49.99
Flambeau Ritual On-The-Fly-Satchel Flambeau Ritual On-The-Fly-Satchel

Flambeau Ritual On-The-Fly-Satchel includes:
  • 2 - 3003 Zerust Tuff-tainers
  • 1 - 4007 Zerust Tuff-tainer

Our Price: $49.99
Allen Platte River Gear Bag Allen Platte River Gear Bag

The Allen Platte River Gear Bag provides a large storage capacity made for holding all types of fishing gear. It can hold multiple tackle boxes as well as fishing rods with its built in rod tube straps located on the back of the bag. Also offers multiple interior and exterior pockets for extra accessory storage. Makes carrying easy with the padded, removable shoulder strap.

Our Price: $49.99
Multi-Pocket Mesh Vest Multi-Pocket Mesh Vest

This Vest is ideal for fishing and keeping all your terminal tackle within reach.

  • Made with 100% nylon

Our Price: $59.99
Okuma Epixor XT Spin Reel Okuma Epixor XT Spin Reel

Okuma's Epixor XT spinning reels are the next generation of a long standing family of spinning reels by Okuma. Designed with C-40X carbon fiber composite construction and featuring Torsion Control Armor (TCA), these advanced technologies provide a reel that is light weight with both exceptional feel and rock solid durability.

Our Price: $64.99
15 Pocket Fishing Vest 15 Pocket Fishing Vest

This vest is made of 100% Nylon, has fifteen (15) pockets, zippers and velcro, has holders for flys and hooks.

Our Price: $64.99
Body Pack w/ Chest Pouch Body Pack w/ Chest Pouch

This Vest is very compact, has several pockets for storing all your terminal tackle right at your fingertips.

Our Price: $69.99
Lews Mach Crush Speed Spin Reel Lews Mach Crush Speed Spin Reel

The Lews Mach Crush Speed Spin Reel has a lightweight rugged aluminum body with an incredibly smooth 11-bearing system. This reel is great for all weather conditions from the extreme hear to the freezing cold and can also be adjusted for right or left hand retrieve for your convenience.

Our Price: $84.99
Lamiglas Redline Centerpin Rod Lamiglas Redline Centerpin Rod

The Lamiglas Redline HS CenterSpin Float Rod is the first of its kind with the ability to use either a centerpin reel or a spinning reel. For the ultimate in versatility, this float rod is outfitted with rubber sliding rings to fit any reel seat size and place it in any reel position. The graphite blank is extremely lightweight but tough enough to handle steelhead and salmon. With an efficient tip to mend your lines smoothly, you are able to accurately place your floats exactly where you want them! If you're an angler who enjoys float fishing for steelhead or salmon, you will love the intricate line control of the Lamiglas Redline HS CenterSpin.

Our Price: $229.99
FROGG TOGG BullTogg 5mm Bull Hide Neoprene FROGG TOGG BullTogg 5mm Bull Hide Neoprene

BullTogg 5mm Bull Hide Neoprene, Camouflage Cleated Bootfoot Chest Wader, Durable, comfortable and protective, BullTogg™ Chest Waders are designed to take hunters and anglers into the water. These waders are constructed with a 5mm neoprene upper that features a tough, puncture-resistant Bull Hide poly-nylon shell. In addition, the triple-strength finished seams and bindings are glued, stitched and taped. frogg toggs® BullTogg Bull Hide Neoprene Camo Cleated Chest Waders have insulated boots.

Our Price: $259.99
Raven RPX 13' Float Rod Raven RPX 13' Float Rod

For the steelheaders who love traditional 2-piece rods, the 13’ RPX is the ultimate answer. Amazingly light and sensitive, it is the new benchmark for the ultimate float rod.

Our Price: $529.99