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Striker Ice Basic Facemask Striker Ice Basic Facemask

This Balaclava is great for basic winter ATV or Snowmobiling under a helmet, and also tops when the wind is just enough to make it uncomfortable out there. Protect your face from windburn, and keep the cheeks rosy from fish pic grip and grins, rather than frostbite.

Our Price: $9.99
Striker Ice Primo Facemask Striker Ice Primo Facemask

If you ride out to the ice in extreme temperatures, this ‘clava is for you! With extended neck material and a more form-fitting cut,

Our Price: $14.99
Striker Ice Hulahead Gaiter Striker Ice Hulahead Gaiter

The Swiss-Army-Knife of Balaclavas, the Hulahead is a full neck gaiter with generous cuts designed to give you both the warmth you need, and the comfort you want.

Our Price: $14.99
Striker Ice Windbreaker Beanie Striker Ice Windbreaker Beanie

Nearly 50 percent of heat loss is through your head, but it’s closer to 99% when the wind’s whippin’. A tighter weave on the lining of this hat makes it warm where it counts, and blocks the wind so you are free to focus on the great outdoors.

Our Price: $19.99
Striker Ice SI Logo Cap Striker Ice SI Logo Cap

Cool vintage material and embroidered Striker logo? The SI Logo Cap is made with the care and detail we put into all our products. Add this one to your ice gear lineup.

Our Price: $24.99
Striker Ice Head Rush Facemask Striker Ice Head Rush Facemask

Like traditional Balaclavas but feel like they cling hard to your face and bunch up around your neck? The Headrush gives you a bit more room in the neck area, allowing maximum mobility on ice, with all the features you’d come to expect from a Striker Balaclava.

Our Price: $24.99
Striker Ice Antifrz Hat Striker Ice Antifrz Hat

It is called the “Anti-Freeze” Hat for a reason. Wear this on the ice and see how warm the heat reflective material really is.

Our Price: $24.99
Striker Ice Women's Cable Knit Hat Striker Ice Women's Cable Knit Hat

Not your grandma’s knit hat. This thing is serious. With a tightly knitted cable pattern and interior fleece lining, it’s both warm and comfy without the itch factor. We can’t guarantee that your grandma will be happy you picked our hat over hers, but we can guarantee you’ll love it.

Our Price: $24.99
Striker Ice Fossil Pom Hat Striker Ice Fossil Pom Hat

We put a walleye and some Striker colors onboard a classic Pom Hat and made it cool once again. This throwback hat is sharp and fun, fit for the open ice, and great for lounging too.

Our Price: $24.99
Striker Ice Striped Pom Hat Striker Ice Striped Pom Hat

The 1970’s may be long passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a retro look. The Striker Pom Hat features the oldies pom style with some added Striker flair. The double-layered knit fabric will keep you warm out on the ice while you represent a classic style

Our Price: $24.99
Striker Ice Faceoff Facemask Striker Ice Faceoff Facemask

If you’re going to have one and only one, the Faceoff ensures you’ll have the absolute best.

Our Price: $29.99
Striker Ice Women's Slouch Hat Striker Ice Women's Slouch Hat

Keep your head warm and well represented on the ice. With a knit pattern and leather Striker logo patch, this is the perfect slouchy hat that combines style and comfort.

Our Price: $29.99
Striker Ice Defender Gloves Striker Ice Defender Gloves

Want toughness only leather can provide without sacrificing skin-tight feel and dexterity? The Defender offers a full leather palm for durability, textile back of hand material, and pre-curved fingers for natural fit and feel. With a sleeker design, these gloves are every bit as insulated as our heavy-hitting Combat gloves and offer the same Hipora® waterproof and breathable insert.

Our Price: $79.99
: $47.99
Savings: $32.00
Striker Ice Attack Glove Striker Ice Attack Glove

The 150g of insulation and a Hipora
® waterproof insert let you attack both your catch and the cold. Plunge your gloved hand into the hole to grab that well-earned fish and keep the Attack Glove on afterward without getting wet or cold.

Our Price: $49.99
Striker Ice Climate Crossover Mitts Striker Ice Climate Crossover Mitts

Why be forced to choose between the dexterity a glove provides and the warmth of a mitten? Featuring the 300D Shell Material on back of hand, the Hipora® waterproof breathability, and a closure on back of hand to hold the Mitt back, the Climate Crossover Mitt is the best of both worlds. A glove on the move, a mitten for warmth - the Crossover is what you need when you need it.

Our Price: $64.99
Striker Ice Climate Ice Gloves Striker Ice Climate Ice Gloves

If you fish in a portable or permanent shelter, and occasionally set out to tame the open ice, the Climate Ice Gloves are designed for you.

Our Price: $64.99
Striker Ice Tundra Mitt Striker Ice Tundra Mitt

A heavy-duty improvement on our popular Climate Mitts, these are as warm as it gets. With 200g of insulation and a Hipora®waterproof insert, you’ll be able to do just about anything over or under the ice while staying warm and dry.

Our Price: $69.99
Striker Ice Combat Leather Gloves Striker Ice Combat Leather Gloves

Make no mistake; hand-to-fish combat is what you’re engaging in every-time you hit the ice, so you might as well be prepared. Leather palm and back of hand construction offers the most rugged ice glove yet.

Our Price: $119.99
Striker Ice Youth Predator Jacket Striker Ice Youth Predator Jacket

The youth Predator Jacket provides most of the same features as the adult model, including a waterproof and breathable shell, flotation liner, 100g THERMADEX™ insulation and a reasonable number of pockets.

Our Price: $129.99
Striker Ice Youth Predator Bib Striker Ice Youth Predator Bib

Kids that are into fishing want to be like the pros on TV. Here's the bib that gives them that opportunity, while offering flotation that gives mom and dad peace of mind.

Our Price: $149.99
Striker Ice Trekker Bib Striker Ice Trekker Bib

The Trekker is the best option for early and late ice, as well as cold and windy tournament days on the boat.

Our Price: $199.99
Striker Ice Trekker Jacket Striker Ice Trekker Jacket

With the perfect blend of function and premium features, the Striker Ice Trekker Jacket is the must-have item of the ice fishing season! The outer shell of the Ice Trekker Jacket is built with super tough 600-denier fabric and Hydrapore 5000 laminate for maximum protection against extreme winter conditions.

Our Price: $199.99
Striker Ice Predator Bib Striker Ice Predator Bib

    The Striker Ice Predator Bib has the perfect blend of materials to keep you warm, dry, and protected. The Hydrapore material is waterproof, windproof, and will protect in extreme weather, and not make you sweat.

Our Price: $229.99
Striker Ice Women's Prism Bib Striker Ice Women's Prism Bib

This is the one garment that no female angler can do without. Loaded with technology like our 1600D Snakeskin knees, drop-seat design, and our 210T Poly-Tricot body lining, cutting edge means outlasting and out-fishing your male counterparts.

Our Price: $229.99
Striker Ice Women's Prism Jacket Striker Ice Women's Prism Jacket

Our women’s Prism jacket is truly the summit of angling design for all of our female customers. Designed for extreme warmth and stylish comfort, we only have one women’s offering because quite simply the Prism is the best ever created.

Our Price: $239.99
Striker Ice Hardwater Jacket Striker Ice Hardwater Jacket

The Hardwater Jacket combines safety with staying warm and dry. Loaded with Sureflote
® and surrounded with 360-degree reflective material, this jacket works all day and in all conditions.

Our Price: $269.99
Striker Ice Hardwater Bib Striker Ice Hardwater Bib

Hardwater Bibs are your armor. You strap them on before you go to work, and you don’t take them off until the job is finished.

Our Price: $269.99
Striker Ice Climate Jacket (Floating) Striker Ice Climate Jacket (Floating)

The Striker Ice Floating Jacket is the Ferrari of premium ice fishing jackets. The first 3-in-1 premium ice fishing jacket with flotation assist in the business! Makes a great 3-season suit- wear it with or without the liner. You won't find a jacket on the market that offers more features and benefits.

Our Price: $299.99
Striker Ice Climate Bib Striker Ice Climate Bib

If you’re going to give it your best, it’s only fair that we give ours.  Simply put, the Climate suit is the most technologically advanced ice suit on the planet and the flagship of our lineup.

Our Price: $299.99