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Yamamoto Single Tail 8" Grub Yamamoto Single Tail 8" Grub Soft Bait

The Yamamoto single Tail Grubs have been a classic bait for years for a good reason. Being one of the most vesatile baits ever created, they can be rigged a variety of ways and catch fish year round. Fish them alone or as a spinnerbait, buzzbait or jig trailer.

Our Price: $6.99
Yamamoto 5" Senko Laminated, 10PK Yamamoto 5" Senko Laminated Soft Bait,10/PK

Yamamoto Senko baits provide anglers with a wide range of uses and a subtle natural action, becoming a favorite with anglers all over. Impregnated with a large amount of salt in the thick round body of the plastic worm drives fish mad. Rigged weightless the Senko falls horizontally providing a side to side tail action.

Our Price: $7.49
Yamamoto 4" Senko Yamamoto 4" Senko Soft Bait/10PK.

Tested and proven on California lunkers, Gary Yamamoto's Senko has quickly become a sensation throughout the United States. The Senko's salt impregnated, has a healthy profile, casts like a bullet, and features a unique smooth-and-even horizontal fall when fished weightless or wacky style.

Our Price: $7.49
Yamamoto 4" Kreature Yamamoto 4" Kreature Soft Bait, 7/PK

Slightly heavier than a 5-inch Senko, 4-inch Kreature can be cast weightless for a slow, horizontal descent. This versatile lure's performance is outstanding, It's forward arms swim during the fall, and when it comes to rest on the bottom,the slightest movement will cause the rear paddles to spring forward and back while the floating rail tantalizes fish.

Our Price: $7.49
Yamamoto 5" Pro Senko Soft Bait Yamamoto 5" Pro Senko Soft Bait, 10/PK

Featuring a thicker head for easy rigging behind a swim jig or shaky head. Optimally balanced to cast like a buller and land in the strike zone, while its tapered tail adds a unique action that big fish go crazy for.

Our Price: $7.49
Yamamoto 5" Senko Soft Bait, 10/PK Yamamoto 5" Senko Soft Bait, 10/PK

With its wide range of uses and its subtle natural action the Yamamoto Senko has become a favorite with anglers all over the world. Although it may look like just a thick round plastic worm the fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad! When the Senko is rigged weightless it will fall horizontally with side to side tail action. You can try wacky rigging or Texas rigging to experience the versatility and effectiveness this bait provides.

Our Price: $7.49
Yamamoto 7" Senko Yamamoto 7" Senko Soft Bait, 5/PK

Gary Yamamoto's Senko is one of the most productive bass lures in the world. Its unique horizontal fall makes the Senko irresistible to bass when fished weightless or wacky style. It provides remarkable action, casts like a bullet and gets into the strike zone quickly.

Our Price: $9.99
Yamamoto 6-1/2" Kut Tails Yamamoto 6-1/2" Kut Tails Soft Bait, 10PK

Ideal for lunker largemouths, similar to their now famous Senko worm-Same salt, same density, same formulation-but with a different profile and unique vibration thanks to the special cut tail. The cut tail adds an enticing fluttering action to the bait when used with a straight retrieve and irresistable erratic movement when used on dropshot or Texas rig.

Our Price: $14.99